Hi there! For those of you who do not know, Hope and I (Casey) serve as missionaries with an organization called Village Missions. As Missionaries, we are tasked with raising our own support. TO hear more about our mission, rural ministry, domestic missions, and unique challenges of fundraising, you can listen here



If you feel led, there are numerous ways that you can partner with us in our ministry. First of course is through prayer. Without prayer, nothing can happen. If you feel led to partner with us financially, here are a few ways.

 First, is by becoming a monthly giver. This is exactly what it sounds like. Whatever amount you are able and willing to give on a monthly basis, gets sent in. As we are with Village Missions, all giving that is sent to them for us passes through them and comes completely and fully to us, and it is also tax deductible as charitable giving. With monthly giving, this is our monthly paycheck, as it were, and every dollar matters and is appreciated. If you are interested in this method, Donations can be made here.

If you would rather, Hope and I also have a Paypal account that you can donate through.

We also have an Amazon wish list that has some practical, physical items that would be a wonderful blessings for Hope and I, our family and our church.

Lastly, we know that straight giving is tough, but there are other ways to support us. If you are interested in essential oils, want to order occasionally, or want to get a forever 25% discount, you can order or sign up with me for Doterra oils. Click here to go to my page and check it out!  And message me for info and recipes.


Thank you all for everything and we love you all!