Pastor Casey and family

(pictured our 5 older kids, us, and Casey’s father)

Welcome!  We are Casey and Hope Holencik.  I am a missionary pastor with Village Missions and we have recently relocated to northern California from Washington. We have 6 amazing kids, our Brain, he’s 9, Buttercup-7, Caveman-5, Tarzan-3, Wrigly who just turned 2, and freighttrain is 7 weeks! They make us laugh, drive us batty, and show us daily how blessed we are to be parents and gives us another glimpse into God’s love and plan for us.

Casey & Hope

I (Casey) did my undergrad at Multnomah University in Oregon, and then my Masters at Crown College in MN.  I strive to be a good husband, father, pastor, and reach those around me with God’s love and truth.  #preachtheword #lovethepeople.  I love baseball, football- go Notre Dame!  Love all things spicy, esp. when it’s wrapped in a tortilla.  Ever since watching Julie and Julia with my wife, I hold out hope that someone will read my blog and then send me hot sauce… just a subtle hint!

I (Hope) get to run around all day with our crazy blessings.  We homeschool, make messes, fun, and as much from scratch as we can.  All I need is the bible, family, essential oils and a good recipe or two.  And I was a Cubs fan before it was cool!

As a family, we love playing games together, dancing around the living room, water fights outside, and reading books on the couch.


If you are interested in hearing more about our ministry as Missionary Pastors with Village Missions, Hope and I sat down and had a conversational interview about rural ministry, domestic missions and some of the unique challenges and opportunities for those as well as fundraising.

You can listen below


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