Our Weakness is Gods Strength

So today was the day. January 12, 2014 was the day I first got up in the pulpit and preached my first sermon. I was given the parameters of giving my testimony rooted in Scripture. One of the funniest parts was that the verse I based my sermon on, (Hebrews 11:6) I had not noticed until just a few weeks ago at one of the Bible Studies Ive been attending since moving up here.

I had already been working on this sermon for over a week and had no idea what I would be saying. Then, over the course of a day and a half, good revealed to me what direction this would take. I took inspiration from that verse,  and from a book called The Explicit Gospel by Pastor Matt Chandler.

It only ended up being about 20 minutes, but with my nervousness and lack of experience, Im just fine with that. Thank fully the good people at Pleasant View Community Church posted it very quickly so here it is.

Questions, comments, concerns?

Any and all feedback welcome!



Matthew 7:21-27




4 thoughts on “Our Weakness is Gods Strength”

  1. Congradulations, It is like tying your shoes. Each time you do it part of the process becomes automatic.
    The length is not important. It is what you are saying.

  2. Great message. You did well. You were faithful to the message the Lord gave you. I was challenged by your simple words. I prefer such delivery, rather than getting too much wrapped up in super high level insights that are in no way practical. I think it would be difficult to hear such a simple, direct message and not be challenged to respond. I enjoyed hearing your story too. I also loved Hebrews 13:21. I don’t remember hearing it said in such a way. It made me weep for a moment, tears of joy because God is so gracious to us. That is the power of His Word. Thank you for reminding us to revere His words and to put them into ACTION. I pray the body up there appreciates the gifts you guys have to offer, and that you can also benefit from their gifts. The Lord will be pleased with that, I am sure.

    1. Thank you for the kind and encouraging words, Phil! It especially means a lot coming from you, knowing how much words affect you. The church up here has been absolutely wonderful. We have never come across a more inviting, friendly, welcoming, caring church body as this one. I was able to see immediately some of those that I am to learn from and they have been very gracious to teach me. They have also been very encouraging to recognize my gifts and utilize those in the way that best fits the body of Christ.

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