Farm fresh food! Coming Soon!

So every spare moment we have had this week has been spent getting our garden tilled, and planted. I havent measured it, but Hope estimates that it is roughly 10 ft by 30 ft. We are planting garlic, green onions, different herbs, lettuces, cucumbers, potatoes, and, because its me, hot peppers.





We have not been able to do a garden in previous years because of our apartments. Not that we were in apartments, but the one we were in did not receive direct sunlight and the few things we tried to plant did not work out (with the exception of rosemary, that did wonderful!).


This year, because of where we are the biggest problem is going to be making sure the deer dont eat it all before we do! I can not wait for it to grow and the fresh foods and the canning and all of it! Im sure we will be sharing pictures of it as it is coming along.





James 1:17