Finally got what we were promised!

So when we moved up to the base of Mt St Helens, we were told to expect rain (more than the Portland Metro area), wind (east winds are strong here) and snow. We are at the base of the mountain after all.  And in the month and a half that we have been up here, we have gotten a little bit.

The first week we got an inch that the kids were able to go out and have a blast in, so we were already getting more than we normally would back down in Portland.

After that we have gotten a few dustings, but this has been the driest winter on record up to this point.

Then this morning happened…
2014-02-06 16.30.46

And we got it the wind with it too. Our car is parked completely under a carport and still looks like this…

2014-02-06 16.30.58

The car ended the night with three inches of snow on it. Under the carport.


Now we are told to expect another round tomorrow night. The pastor here has pics of two or three winters ago where the snow is stacked so highyou cant see out of any of the windows in the church. Right now its beautful outside…


2014-02-06 19.50.26


But the kids are gonna have a blast tomorrow, I can promise you that!

Oh, and Minnesotans, you are free to laugh at us right now, Hope is!



Psalm 148:8