THis is where I get yelled at by both sides

There are a lot of subjects where I don’t say anything. This is especially true in an online public context, where nuance and discussion are mostly frowned upon. The real reason I mostly don’t comment on various subjects is because I find myself caught in what is considered the middle, not fully on one side or the other.


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To many, this sounds like flip-flopping, or not being able to make my mind. This isnt true either. The truth is that, often, both sides have right and true points. The other truth is that both sides often will not acknowledge that the other side has any right and true points. And often, both sides don’t see that if they would listen and incorporate the right points of the other side, it would make their own position stronger.


In one such current context, If I make a comment that shows I agree with a point on one side, the other side calls me a racist and evil and unloving and ignorant. IF I make a comment that shows I agree with a point on the other side, I am told that I am a cultural Marxist, that I don’t believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes hearts and lives and probably not even really a Christian.


The truth is that Jesus does in fact change hearts and lives. The truth is that racism is a lie from the pits of hell. (What racism is, the view that one race is superior than another, or one is inferior to another)  The truth is that, at the end, there will be people from every tongue, every tribe and every nation bowing at the throne of Jesus Christ. The truth is that the cross is color blind.


The truth is the racism exists and is a sin and it will not be completely eradicated because human beings are inherently sinful. The truth is that black families have never, in this country, been built up and supported. The truth is that, partly because of this, partly because of past racism, partly because of surviving negative stereotypes, and partly because of a whole host of other reasons, black children start off life behind where others start off.


The truth is that inequalities do exist and they are not going to be solved overnight. The truth is that attacks against the family unit have disproportionately devastated mostly black communities. Fatherlessness specifically is an incredibly huge factor in poor communities across all races and is an epidemic in poor, mostly black communities. This is statistically one of the heaviest weights in keeping people held down in our country.


The truth is that these negative stereotypes continue on for many races and ethnicities, and while the racism is not overt, in fact I hesitate to even call it actual racism, the stereotypes do affect how we see each other. Rare is the person today who thinks that one race is inferior or superior to any others. Common is the person who will believe and spread stereotypes.


The truth is that generalities are of no use and will not bring us together. The truth is that many generalities are not true to specific people. This is true of the negative stereotypes thought of regarding minorities and this is true of the “white privilege” and assumed guilt across the board. The truth is that specific people have been the victims and on the receiving end of overt racism, of negative stereotypes believed to be true and of what appears to be systemic racism. The truth is that many people have no part in this and that we should mourn with those who mourn and comfort those who have been beaten down.


The truth is that Black Lives Do Matter. The truth is that many (not nearly all) that are using that slogan believe in things and partner with organizations that could care less about Black Lives (Im looking straight at you Planned Parenthood, as just the most egregious example). The truth is that All Lives Matter. The truth is that many (not nearly all) of those who use that slogan truly desire in their hearts for all races to be treated equally.


There are genuine issues that this country and human beings need to work towards fixing. The truth is that most people that I know, that I have spoken to and that I have heard speak truly want everyone to be treated on equal footing and that racism is despicable and disgusting.


The truth is that it is incurable, in entirety, for mankind, without the Second Coming of Christ, and for individuals, without the Gospel of Jesus Christ changing lives. The Bible, however, is very clear that we are to work and fight against sin in all its forms.


We do not say that because we will never eliminate adultery, we should not fight against it. We do not say that because the Bible is crystal clear that adultery is a sin, that all we need to do is preach the Gospel and it will go away.


We do preach the Gospel, so that people know intellectually that it is a sin. We preach the Gospel so that the Holy Spirit changes hearts and minds. But we also disciple so that we learn what these things look like played out in everyday life. We also confront people who are guilty of the sin and we call for repentance.

Speaking in the generalities that I warned against earlier, but thinking of specific people on both sides, This will get ignored at best and slammed from both sides in all likelihood because I don’t fall lock step into party ranks (I phrase it that way as both a figure of speech, but also in regards to these things often dividing somewhat along political party lines)


The truth is in neither extreme. The truth is black and white and yet often in the middle.


Don’t be blind. Don’t simply follow what you are told by those around you. Don’t simply follow what your told by those that often agree with you. Dont be blind to the fact that there are problems, ones that we don’t want to see or admit.

There’s more to it than that. The Bible is the standard of Truth. Read your Bible, trust in Jesus, repent of your sins (Your Sins) and go out and live the Bible (what it actually says, not what you want it to say).

That’s the only way for us to have any hope of coming together and healing the division that the enemy is sowing among us.


Pastor Casey

Acts 17:26


I encourage discussion and comments but will not approve any comments that seem to me disrespectful or argumentative.